Tough tablets

Rugged tablets that can stand up to industrial work.

Industrial tablets

The rugged industrial tablets are becoming more and more popular as they combine user-friendly design, a compact form factor and can withstand being dropped. There are many different tablets and they cover different work needs. So think about what your needs are now and in the coming years, so you don't have to replace equipment.

Lots of accessories

Tailor your tablet to its intended function with a host of accessory options. Wireless or wired scanners, printers, keyboards and various holders for mounting, for example, on a roller table or truck.

You can connect devices via Bluetooth, and some models also have a built-in NFC reader.

Free advice

There are many options, and if you're not sure what to choose, we always recommend that you give us a call and talk about what you need, so we can guide you in the best possible way.

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Considerations before choosing a tablet model

Shelf life is the first consideration for many. You can pick cheap consumer tablets and replace them when they break after a walk on the floor, but the problem with consumer models is that they are typically discontinued after a few years and then a new model is on the market, so after a few years you may end up having to keep two or three different models up to date with software adaptations. It can be expensive in IT service hours.

The industrial tablets we sell typically stay on the market for 3-5 years and a service agreement is available, so it's simple to send the hardware for repair if there are problems or they get damaged. Tablets can typically be serviced for 3 years after they are discontinued, so investing in rugged tablets can make good sense.

Some of the things we ask our customers to consider before we can advise on the right tablet are what usage scenarios it will work for. But overall, the following specifications are available:

  • Screen size: typical tablet screen size is 8″ and 10″, but they are available down to 7″ and up to 13.3″
  • Operating system: you can choose Android or Windows 10 operating system
  • Robustness: IP certifications. How hard should it be hit and should it be sealed to withstand dust and moisture? Or do you need to use it in ATEX environments?
  • Wireless coverage: WiFi, 4G or both, so you can take it from warehouse to car.
  • Battery: how long do you need and does it need to support hot swap so you can replace the battery with a fresh one without it switching off?
  • Screen: should it be operable with gloves, in frost or with a pen?

Tablets from Zebra

The ET50 / ET55 from Zebra is a popular tablet that we have good experience with. The ET50 is intended for use within WiFi range, while the ET55 can also be used outdoors with 4G coverage. Beyond that, they both offer the same wide range of options: Windows or Android operating systems, 8.3″ or 10.1″ and lots of accessories.

Operating system: Android or Windows
Screen: 8.3″ or 10.1″ Corning Gorilla Glass.
Battery: 8.3″ has a 5900 mAh lithium battery. The 10.1″ has an 8700 mAh lithium battery. (8+ hours) Can be purchased hot swap accessories.
Scanner: built-in camera only, but a fixed scanner can be purchased
Robustness: 1 m loss on cement floor. Extra sturdy cover can be purchased to drop from 1.8 m. IP65 certified.
Network: 4G or WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n).

See prices for ET50/ET55 tablets in our webshop

Xplore tablets

In 2018, Zebra acquired Xplore and with it their rugged tablets. Xplore expands the Zebra range with the following product lines: L10, XSLATE R12, D10, B10, XC6. This puts Zebra at the forefront as one of the largest providers of rugged tablets to meet most needs. In the range there are tablets for Android and Windows 10 operating system. You can choose tablets with built-in or external scanner, with or without handle and with or without keyboard.

Have a chat with us to learn more about the possibilities.

Tablets from Honeywell

Honeywell offers two models:
EDA71. It's a great form factor, has a built-in barcode scanner and is especially popular for field service, as you have a slightly larger screen than the handheld terminals can offer. The larger screen is handy for reading manuals or accessing screens where there is a lot of information. Video clips can be played and business systems accessed to place orders, look up stock information or scan the item barcode to find more information.

See prices of EDA71 on our webshop

ET10. Offered with either Android or Windows operating system. Good scan engine that captures both close-up and long-range barcodes with instant autofocus. Withstands being dropped on concrete floors from 1.2 m height and has an IP65 rating. Optional extras: docks for forklift or table mounting, hand or shoulder straps to easily keep your tablet within reach.

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Tablet from ADS-TEC

The TabX-ITC8000 from ADS-TEC is the largest tablet on the market at 13.3″. Popular in manufacturing and service companies that need to access technical drawings on a large screen during production.

Operating system: Windows
Screen: 13,3″
Battery: space for two lithium batteries
Scanner: built-in camera with mechanical autofocus
Robustness: IP53 certified (Front IP65)
Network: 3G and/or WiFi (802.11a/g/n).

Tablets from Unitech

Unitech has three models: the TB85 and TB128 for Android and the TB160 for Windows 10.

The TB85 is a rugged tablet at a great price.

See prices of TB85 on our webshop


Operating system: Android
Screen: 8″ Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen (also for gloves)
Battery: 8200 mAh lithium battery
Scanner: can be mounted on the back of TB85 with 14 pin PoGo connection
Robustness: 1.2 meter loss on cement floor. IP67 certified.
Network: 4G and WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

Mobile label printer integration

If your employees also label goods or shipments, a mobile label printer can make the job more efficient. The small mobile printers can be worn on a belt and labels can be ordered directly from the tablet. This minimises wasted time and allows employees to work flexibly and efficiently.

Barcode scanner integration

Many choose to integrate a barcode scanner with their tablet. It can be done via Bluetooth and gives your employees a flexible working environment. There are many barcode scanners to choose from, and you don't have to buy the same brand as your tablet. Thus, a Zebra tablet can be paired with a Honeywell barcode scanner.

Watch a film about the SF61, a handy wireless barcode scanner from Honeywell.

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, you can take control of your tablet from the office to help employees with a problem. You can also update software on all tablets centrally, so you don't risk individual tablets missing an update.

SOTI MobiControl is the most comprehensive Mobile device management tool available on the market, with a wide range of valuable features.

Tecsys is an authorized SOTI reseller, has several certified technicians and has gained experience from several large customer projects.

Read more about SOTI Mobile Device Management

ERP integration

You can view data from your ERP system directly on a tablet. There are different standard methods to integrate the data. Learn how SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson and IBM integrate with hardware.