Handheld computers

Rugged handheld computers with or without radio and with the desired operating system. We have a large selection.

Handheld computers

The combination of well tested software in an industrial design, with robust and reliable electronics makes a handheld computer easy to install, use and maintain.

Choose a handheld computer that fit your tasks. We have small handheld computers without radio for smaller tasks, and more advanced handheld computers that fits perfectly for tasks in the warehouse and to employees on the run. You can choose computers with Windows operating system or Android.

Tecsys provide the complete solution, including hardware, software and integration. We offer standard solutions that can easily be adapted to your needs

If you have any doubts or uncertainties on which one fits you the best, we recommend you to call us and have a chat about your situation, so that we can guide you.

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Michael Pedersen is an expert in handheld computers.

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Handheld computers for warehousing

A wireless handheld computer enables you to register all transactions in the warehouse and in the production, wherever the goods are. We have a wide range of handheld computers. Call for guidance on which model best suits your needs.

Tecsys has an extensive experience in developing and installing software, both with our own developed WMS, but also with customized software for specific tasks. We can help with the integration to your ERP system or other WMS systems.

Mobile handheld computers

Robust smartphones or mobile handheld computers are a good choice for the employee on the run, who needs more than an ordinary mobile phone. For a mobile solution it is necessary to have a handheld computer that combines barcode scanning, a digital camera, 3G network and GPS navigation – all in one robust and compact package. We have a large variety in mobile handheld computers. Call us if you need guidance on which model best suits your needs.

Tecsys also provides mobile software for the service and transportation industry.

ERP integration

You can access data from your ERP system directly on a handheld computer. There are various standard methods to integrate the data. We have knowledge about how SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson and IBM integrates with hardware.

Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, you can gain access from the office to take control of a computer, enabling you to help an employee with a problem. You can also update software on all computers centrally, so that you do not risk that any individual computer is missing an update.

SOTI MobiControl is the most comprehensive Mobile Device Management tool available on the market with a wide range of valuable features.

Tecsys is an authorized SOTI provider and has several certified technicians and experience from several large customer projects.

FK Distribution made a trade in deal

“We trade in our old computers, to buy new Intermec CK71 computers. They are stable and have a long battery life. The old computers could averagely only run for 4 hours, while the new ones can run from 20 to 36 hours on one charge.” says Jesper Hjort Christensen.