Safe productivity at FK Distribution

FK Distribution swapped their barcode terminals and got a stable wireless network. FK Distribution packages the well-known advertisements that are distributed to households. FK Distribution delivers to 2.2 million households, twice a week. Every day large trucks arrive with pallets. The pallets are received and then the individual advertisements are packed in bundles and sorted to different cities, so that for example. Super Brugsen in Vejle gets their advertisements distributed in the city.

This is a huge logistics process, which of course requires that each pallet is barcoded and that barcode terminals are used. But FK Distribution had problems with the wireless terminals for barcode reading. They were unstable. This meant that IT supporter Jesper Hjort Christensen often had to start his car and drive the long way from Aarhus to Tåstrup to repair terminals, train users and check the wireless network.

“At some point it became too critical. As a result, the barcode terminals were only used by the goods receiving department. Picking and packing was done manually and the locations were entered on ordinary PCs. This was not a sustainable situation, as errors in entry must not be allowed and the workflow became very slow. Therefore we decided to contact Tecsys. They considered that the best decision was to replace the old barcode terminals and our WIFI network.”

FK Distribution got a trade-in deal and sold all their old terminals to Tecsys. It was a good barter deal, with Tecsys supplying 42 new Intermec barcode terminals and a new Motorola WIFI system.

“We have chosen to purchase Intermec CK71 terminals. They are stable and have a long battery life. The old terminals could only run for 4 hours on average, whereas the new ones can run for 20 to 36 hours on a charge” says Jesper Hjort Christensen.

“Today I no longer drive to Tåstrup to check the terminals. We have installed device management software, where I can update the terminals online. Before, we also had a device management software system, but the supplier did not have the skills to program the software. Today we use a system called Soti and it works perfectly. With Tecsys we got a 100% turnkey system that has worked from day one.” Concludes a happy and very busy IT supporter, Jesper Hjort Christensen.