New SAP solution gives energy company SEAS-NVE a better overview of inventory. The warehouse solution uses SAP ITS Mobile.

SEASNVE has new customers all the time, and this requires a good overview of the warehouse when equipment is sent out directly to new end customers every day. Therefore, the company decided to implement an SAP Warehouse solution for inventory management.

"To get the full benefit of the SAP system, we also had to start using terminals and barcodes, which meant we needed to find an easy and efficient way to tie it all together." Explains SAP consultant Jens Sabroe Pedersen, SEAS-NVE.

"We chose SAP ITS Mobile because it allowed us to connect the mobile hardware to SAP without using middleware, so we only have one system to maintain."

SEAS-NVE chose to invest in CK3 handheld terminals, CV30 truck terminals and associated label printers - all hardware from Intermec.

"Our focus was to have a solution that could handle all of our warehouse transactions, while also being able to print barcodes directly from SAP" Jens Sabroe Pedersen.

Better overview of the warehouse

By using a solution that integrates SAP with mobile hardware, SEAS-NVE achieves a number of benefits.

among other things, all stock movements are recorded in real time, while there is significantly less keying than when everything was done with paper and pen. In the end, it will probably also lead to fewer errors, although according to warehouse employee Søren Sørensen, this is not the biggest advantage.

“I was a bit curious how it would work once we got the terminals – but there have been no problems at all and we are very happy with the solution. For us in the warehouse, the biggest difference is that the system can keep track of multiple locations. Before, we could spend time looking for goods – especially when it wasn’t you who had received them. Now we always know where everything is.”

Great potential for SAP ITS Mobile

At Tecsys, Sales Director Ulrik Havsager is also pleased to have another customer using SAP ITS:

“We already have good experience with other customers who have a similar set-up. It’s incredibly easy for us to work with SAP partners on this type of solution – and we see good results for our customers pretty quickly.”