New barcode terminals give FK Distribution secure productivity

FK Distribution swapped their barcode terminals and got a stable wireless network. FK Distribution packages the well-known advertisements that are distributed to households. FK Distribution delivers to 2.2 million households, twice a week.

FK Distribution got a trade-in deal and sold all their old terminals to Tecsys. It was a good barter deal, with Tecsys supplying 42 new Intermec barcode terminals and a new Motorola WIFI system.

Tecsys WMS manages Hong Kong warehouse

Kopenhagen Fur bets on the Chinese market. To get closer to its customers, Copenhagen Fur has decided to set up a forward stock of skins in Hong Kong. World market prices for skins are set in Denmark. In just 4 days in February this year, 4.3 million mink skins were traded and a turnover of no less than 1.8 billion DKK.

"I am very happy with our decision. We are recycling our investment, but the most important thing is that all features are proven. We didn't have to go through a costly rebuild. The warehouse can run from day one."

Better overview of SEAS-NVE's warehouse

SEAS-NVE chose to invest in CK3 handheld terminals, CV30 truck terminals and associated label printers - all hardware from Intermec.

"We chose SAP ITS Mobile because it allowed us to connect the mobile hardware to SAP without using middleware, so we only have one system to maintain."

SAP consultant
Jens Sabroe Pedersen