ERP integration

Tecsys integrates data with your ERP system

Terminals with ERP integration

Many of our customers need to set up the communication between their ERP system and the newly purchased terminals. There is standard software to handle this, but it requires some adjustments before the screen on the terminal shows the desired data in a clear way.

We're highly experienced in making data communications work, whether you use SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson or IBM.

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Integration to Microsoft Dynamics

Tecsys has many references on integration with both AX, NAV and C5.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Integration to SAP warehouse management

You can view SAP directly on a handheld or truck terminal. SAP offers different standard methods to visualize the stock on a terminal:

ITS Mobile
This technology is the latest from SAP and provides users with a graphical user interface. SAP screens are already available that are adapted to the screen size of hand and truck terminals. The connection to SAP is made via a browser in the terminal.

SAP Console
SAP Console converts SAP graphical screens into character-based screens. These screens can be displayed with a Telnet VT-220 terminal emulation directly on the hand and truck terminals. SAP screens typically need to be adapted to the handheld terminals, as these only display 1/4 of the normal screen.

The SAP GUI is a full screen client that is installed on a truck terminal. The truck terminal runs SAP as on a normal PC.

Integration to LAWSON

Tecsys has many references on integration with Lawson Movex/M3.

  • Lawson Warehouse mobility
  • Merit Portal

Integration to IBM

Tecsys has many references on integration with various IBM platforms.

Power Systems, AS/400, iSeries and System i
3270 or 5250 terminal emulation makes hand and truck terminals look like normal display terminals. Screens typically need to be adjusted for the handheld terminals, as these only display 1/4 of the normal screen.

ERP integration with SAP ITS mobile

New SAP solution gives energy company SEAS-NVE a better overview of inventory.

"We chose SAP ITS Mobile because it allowed us to connect the mobile hardware to SAP without using middleware, so we only have one system to maintain."