Barcode Scanners

Large selection of scanners for 1D / 2D barcodes.

Barcode Scanners

Scanner with cable or wireless, CCD or laser – we have many different types of barcode scanners, and we are always ready to advise you on which product is right for your business.

In this section you will find an overview of our scanners. We have everything from industrial scanners to compact USB wired scanners. Depending on the specific work situation, it may be necessary that the scanner is stationary, can scan from a long distance or you may need a light weight scanner.

If you have any doubts or uncertainties on which one fits you the best, we recommend you to call us and have a chat about your situation, so that we can guide you.

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Wireless barcode scanners

We have a large selection of wireless scanners. The scanners are equipped with a radio connection to the computer. The range is 10-30 meters. A wireless barcode scanner provides flexibility, and is therefore practical in a warehouse or in sales of larger items, such as in a timber store.

Call for guidance on which model best covers your needs.

Rugged industrial scanners

An industrial scanner is rugged and meets the highest industrial standards in relation to being resistant to dust, water, and it can withstand to fall on a hard surface. They go through tests with many repetitive drop tests. The barcode reader is of high quality so that it can scan bar codes that are dirty, damaged, poorly printed and at varying distances. We also have special scanners used to scan extra distances, 2D bar codes and omnidirectional.

We have a large selection of robust scanners. Call for guidance on which model best covers your needs.

Presentation scanners

Presentation scanners are scanners that stands and when the barcodes is presented to the scanner, it automatically scans the barcode when it is in reading distance. Typically used in retail. You can choose a model for integration in a cash register or a model to be standing on a table. It can be used wherever and whenever the employee needs the use of both hands.

We have a large selection of presentation scanners. Call for guidance on which model best suits your needs.

Hands-free scanners

Hands-free scanners are mounted on the wrist or carried as a finger ring. The scanners give the user both hands free
when picking solution that allows workers to pick more orders, more accurately, every day.

Bluetooth scanners

The small Bluetooth scanners are perfect to use with a tablet, PDA or smartphone. They are very handy and they are rugged, so they can withstand several drops. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the paired device, and it works both with Android, Windows or IOS operating systems.

Call for guidance on which model best suits your needs.