Barcode scanners

Large selection of scanners for 1D/2D barcodes.

Barcode scanners

Wired or wireless, CCD or laser - we have many different barcode scanners and are always ready to advise you on which product is right for your business.

In this section you will find an overview of our scanners without screen. From rugged industrial scanners to compact USB-cabled scanners. Depending on the work situation, it can be an advantage to have a stationary scanner, a long reading distance or a lightweight scanner.

If you're not sure what to choose, we always recommend that you call us to discuss your situation and get some guidance.

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Honeywell Xenon 1902BF

The battery-free 1902 scanner from Honeywell is their latest addition to the scanner category. It is a wireless environmentally friendly scanner that has a good scan engine that reads 1D and 2D.

Zebra 3600

The DS-3600 series are Zebra's most robust barcode scanners. They can withstand drops from 2.4 metres, immersion in water and are IP67 approved. The multi-code algorithm allows you to read multiple barcodes in one scan.


The Honeywell Granite Scanner reads 1D/2D barcodes both at close range and up to 16 metres away. We test scanning speed, distance and drop it from two meters onto cement.

Intermec SF61

The handy scanner from Honeywell is effective for picking for the warehouse. Via Bluetooth, it communicates with a terminal on your picker, truck or stacker. See it demonstrated in the video.

Intermec SG20

The Honeywell hand scanner is good at reading damaged barcodes, and reads multiple barcodes at once. This provides good efficiency in the warehouse. Watch the tough test we put it through in the video.

Barcode scanners for office and shop

Handheld scanners with and without cable are typically used at a PC in the warehouse or at checkout systems in stores to register goods.
A handheld scanner with cable is typically used at a PC in the warehouse or at checkout systems in stores, where there is no need to move around to scan the barcodes. A wireless barcode scanner gives the employee more flexibility, and is therefore good for warehouse work or selling larger goods, for example in a timber warehouse.

We have a large selection of both wired and wireless barcode scanners. Call for guidance on which model suits your needs.

Robust barcode scanners

A rugged handheld scanner is encapsulated and meets the highest industry standards for dust, liquid and hard surface drop resistance. They undergo a test with many repeated falls on concrete.
The barcode reader is of high quality, so they can read barcodes that are dirty, damaged, poorly printed and at varying distances. Special scanners are also available for extra long range scanning, 2D barcodes and omni-directional scanning.

We have a large selection of rugged scanners. Call for guidance on which model suits your needs.

Presentation scanners

Presentation scanners are barcode scanners that can stand alone or are fixed, and the products come to the scanner. They automatically detect the barcode when it is within reading distance. In the retail sector, they are typically used as built-in cash registers or as table-top models. In industry and warehouses, they are mounted, for example, at the conveyor belt, where the barcode is read automatically.

We have a large selection of presentation scanners. Call for guidance on which model suits your needs.

Hand-free barcode scanners

Hand-free scanners are mounted on the wrist or worn as a ring on the fingers. The scanners leave both hands free when picking or sorting. This increases productivity and reduces wastage and errors.

Other customers use hands-free barcode scanners together with hands-free terminals or other types of devices, such as handheld terminals or tablets.

Pocket scanners

The small Bluetooth scanners are perfect for use with a tablet, PDA or smartphone. They are very handy and so they are hardy, so they can withstand being dropped. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the paired device, and of course works with Android, Windows or iOS operating systems.

Call for guidance on which model suits your needs.