ATEX equipment

Handheld computers, tablets and smartphones to ATEX zone 1 and 2.

ATEX equipment

Does your business consist of areas, where there are risks of liquid mists, gases or dust can catch fire and create an explosion, or has EU certified the area with an ATEX zone? We provide explosion proof rugged handheld computers and tablets for zone 1 and 2.

We distribute handheld computers and tablets from ECOM and BARTEC. We have many years of good experience with both suppliers. The ATEX equipment from ECOM and BARTEC is based on the most robust and well tested models from well-known brands. The equipment is available with the same enterprise features such as rugged and durable design, selection of bar code scanners and RFID scanners, long battery life, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and camera, as well as different keypad variants and a large range of accessories.

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ATEX handheld computers

ATEX are certified and rugged industrial handheld computers for secure and reliable barcode scanning in potentially hazardous EX-classified areas (explosive atmosphere).

Tecsys also provides mobile software for your business needs. Please call for more information.

ATEX smartphones

It is now possible to enjoy the comfort and flexibility that a smartphone offers, even if you work in an unsafe zone. The explosion-proof smartphones are certified for ATEX Zone 1 and 2 and they give you all the features you expect from a smartphone.

ATEX tablets

ATEX certified tablets for tough industrial environments. Tablets from ECOM and BARTEC allows mobile workers to perform their tasks in potentially hazardous EX-classified areas (explosive atmosphere).