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Customized software


Tecsys has provided software solutions for Danish businesses since 1990. Our solutions department consists of project managers and software engineers, who are specialized in providing solutions for data collection, data management, mobile computer solutions and advanced printing solutions. We develop solutions in C # .Net and Microsoft SQL. The user interface is accessed through a browser and is therefore accessible from any operating systems.

We work by a process that focuses on a successful delivery. Our prizes are competitive, because we base all solutions on our  in-house developed standard software. For the past 25 years we have developed a set of tools, that makes it easy for us to develop customized software.

If you are interested in a customized software solution. Please contact Peter Siggaard-Andersen +45 88 33 57 35 to talk about your options.

Receive advice from our experts

Peter Siggaard is an expert in customized software.

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Standard programs

Tecsys has developed a toolbox of independent applications which all fit into the same framework. This means that we can develop new software partly by reusing tested features from the toolbox of standard applications.

The main standard applications are CleverDataManager (CDM) and ReportByEmail (RBE). CDM handles data input and output in XML, CSV, Access or Excel and is an important tool for integrating our solutions with your existing software. RBE provides delivery of reports in the desired form on the desired platform. It can be an excel report of yesterday’s results in an e-mail, but it may as well be html with the day’s planned activities shown on an information screen.

Process and team

We work in a team that is dedicated to your project. They ensure the development of demanded specifications, software architecture and project planning. The project manager keeps you up to date with e-mails and face to face meetings ensuring that you always know the status of the project.

With larger projects we always recommend to develop a test project to ensure that no unexpected complications occur along the way. We especially test data management from external IT systems and third-party software, which we will not be able to influence during the project.



Danfoss anvender RFID til varesporing.

“Vi valgte Tecsys, fordi de havde fokus på løsningen. Det vil sige en forståelse af de fysiske processer og en forståelse af, hvordan man udnytter de nye teknologier. Samtidigt blev det demonstreret, at man kan integrere med andre styresystemer og få en samlet løsning”.

Jannik Hollænder Jensen
Logistics Engineer
Danfoss Power Electronics


Aqua d’or anvender Tecsys Print Server til mærkning af deres mange paller.

”Det koster op til 10.000 kr i bøde hos vores største kunder, hvis vi har mærket pallerne forkert. Vi vil gerne højne niveauet af vores palle-mærkning i fremtiden, så det gælder om at arbejde hen mod en professionel løsning, som sikrer at antallet af fejl minimeres.”

Carsten Graversen
Operations Manager

Katrine og Alfreds

Gartneriet anvender Tecsys LabelCenter til at mærke deres paller.

“Det var COOP, der anbefalede at anvende Tecsys LabelCenter. Vi har ca. 20-30 forskellige pallelabels afhængigt af vores produkter, og det er en nem løsning, når man skal mærke en forsendelsespalle.”

Brian Brand
Alfred & Katrines Tomater

How to get a software solution from Tecsys

We work based on a solid process which begins when you order the software. Our project manager makes sure to follow the project all the way.


Demand on specifications

Software development



Support and service


We always offer a support package when you buy software. That way you ensure that your employees quickly get answers to their questions and that the system is used correctly. We prioritize the support, and make sure that your software is up to date and functional ASAP.

Often our customers choose to install the Mobile Device Management, so that our supporters have remote access to the software on the computers, and can update the code without having to get the equipment sent in.