UBD mobile app the way forward for improved efficiency

Transport Management System. The Tecsys TMS mobile solution is an app for iOS and Android that can be used on all mobile phones. The app streamlines the distribution process from loading cars, to delivering and picking up goods at dealers.

“After we get the app, I do not get a call in the middle of the night due to problems. The magazines have to go out, and it is a must that the dealers have their goods on time ”. says Jens Pedersen, Distribution Manager at UBD.

Visti Christensen has a high level of customer satisfaction

Tecsys has delivered the Transport Management System, TMS, to Visti Christensen. Here, their customers have the opportunity to log in and see the current status of their runs. This means that Visti Christensen’s customers can provide good customer service, as the end customer can get answers to questions regarding his delivery when they call in.

Route optimization software from Tecsys sends an SMS notification about delivery time sent out the day before delivery. This time is continuously updated, and 30 minutes before delivery a new delivery SMS is sent. For the end customer, this little service means they can plan their day better. Visti Christensen ensures that the end customer is ready to receive the goods, so the drop time is shortened.

OK has control of the fuel delivery

Tecsys has supplied software and mobile computers for more than 130 tankers. The software solution manages the delivery by means of timetable, navigation, invoicing and on-line communication with the office.

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“The drivers’ trips are planned in an electronic route planning system, which sends the driving lists to servers at OK’s head office in Aarhus and from there out to the terminals in the tankers via wireless ISDN”.
Ken Sørensen, OK.